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P Cross Bar Ranch

P Cross Bar Ranch
Marion & Mary Scott
8586 Highway 14-16
Gillette, WY 82716

Contact Info:
Phone: (307) 682-3994


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Our clients consider this the premiere Bison hunt in the west. The bulls are raised on a 55,000 acre ranch from a herd of 3,500 bison. These are the largest bodied bison we have seen and all trophies taken by our clients have scored in the top one third of the SCI record book. The bison range in large pastures with hills for cover. The bulls are spotted and stalked similar to our pronghorn hunts. We hunt bison late October through January as the hides are prime at this time. We offer many additional hunting opportunities. A late October hunt could be upgraded to include pronghorn. All bison taken with us have qualified in the top 1/3 of the SCI record book. The #1 SCI estate bison was taken by one of our clients.